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2016: Authentic

Hello friends, I’m Shannon. I was born and raised in a military family, so from day one I got to travel…a ton! I have loved traveling ever since and find myself getting restless after a few years of being in the same place. The lifestyle of moving all the time enforced the importance of family early on, and is a value I still hold close. In 2012, I lost my younger brother in a tragic accident that left me heart-broken…

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2016: Wholehearted

Hey beautiful human! I’m Zoey! I’m a fresh young lady who hails from the Twin Cities area of Minnesota, but can usually be found jumping into cars or planes, saying yes to new possibilities! I have a history in dance and music, but lately, my days tend to revolve around living in an optimistic rawness & capturing it through my cameras. Yes, people pay me to take photos, but even when I’m off the job, I’m endlessly inspired to capture…

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Minimize: Considering Minimalism

  I have been reading and seeing so much about minimalism lately. It has been completely capturing my attention and is something that for whatever reason, I am seeing myself drawn to. These guys especially. Over the last year, with everything I’ve been learning and growing in, I suppose I’m beginning to recognize what things are truly important to me. My freedom. My time. My relationships. And my impact. I guess the question really is how important are all of…

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Challenge: Meditate

Meditation is something I’ve attempted to do at many different points in my life. The idea of  spending a peaceful moment inside my own mind has always had great appeal, considering most days my thoughts tend to be more chaotic than the streets of New York City. My brain races at a thousand miles per hour at most points throughout the day sorting out puzzles and analyzing every entity of it’s being as well as everyone else’s beings. So the…

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Challenge: Get to Know Myself

Lisa Sonora is an artist/blogger/entrepreneur whom I have been following for years. I wouldn’t be of much help in summing her up so I highly recommend you check her out on your own at Her methods, art, and mentality have inspired me for years by encouraging me to create art for the sake of creating it, not for the sake of selling it. I am constantly motivated and encouraged by her, so when discovering she was going to be…

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