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Style: Full Spring Capsule Spread

Many of you have been following me on my Capsule Wardrobe journey, and have been long awaiting the Spring Capsule spread. I am pleased to say that this is what has been in my closet this spring! If you’re wondering what in the world a Capsule Wardrobe is, then you can check it out here. In short, I have chosen to minimize the stress and self consciousness that comes with the hoarding in the closet. My semi minimal 40 piece…

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Style: The meaning behind the shirt.

How has everyone’s week been? I feel like I haven’t posted in quite some time (even though that’s not really the case.) But I guess this last week was kind of a long one for me. I won’t be getting into all of the personal details, but here’s a short, relate-able version: Over the last year I have been actively working on bettering myself. Confronting some fears and failures, and becoming aware of who I really am and how that…

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Style: The time Shannon showed off her style.

I have been really enjoying sharing Shannon’s new Capsule Wardrobe with you. The feedback we’ve been receiving, as well as the anticipation for more, and enjoyment of the process has been really fun to experience with you. For you who are just joining us check out the beginning of my journey with Shannon {here.} Now for some mid week motivation for the moms stuck in a fashion rut. Introducing one of my favorite looks from this gorgeous girl (and one…

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Style: The one where I got called out.

Spring has brought out this major love for white in me. Although I’ve been slightly in love with this creamy decadence of a color (if we wanna call white a color) in every other area of my life, it hasn’t really been until this season that I’ve been playing with the idea of letting it be the main focus in my wardrobe. But let me tell you, it feels so fresh! I am enjoying the light airiness that is my…

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Style: The Wardrobe Transition

Building a Capsule Wardrobe isn’t the easiest thing. It can totally be worth it in the end, but as you are building it can be a bit challenging (really fun though!) So there have been a few weeks, maybe even almost a month, between seasons where I have had some of my old wardrobe sneaking in to accomodate while I build my new wardrobe. As it’s getting warmer and more springlike, I have been on a mad hunt for the…

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