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Love Myself Series: Write a Personal Mission Statement

This month is the month of love. And while others are dedicating their topics to date night and pink polish, we at Be My Intention are focusing on falling in love with ourselves. If you want to check out the more from this series hop on over to this page. 10 Steps to Falling in Love with Myself: Step One- Write a Personal Mission Statement. When a company is being built there are a lot of things to be considered.…

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Think: Learn From My Flaws

Giggling is quite possibly one of my favorite past times. I mean, who doesn’t love those moments when you’re with a close friend, or maybe a significant other or family member and there is so much comfort within your relationship that you are able to let your silliest side come out. Nothing you say or do is going to be judged or criticized. Your most goofy moments will with no shadow of a doubt resort in a laugh so hard…

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