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5 Books That Have Changed My Life

It wasn’t until about a year and a half ago that I fell in love with reading again. When I was a kid I was the reading queen. It was absolutely one of my favorite things to do. Then, as school became harder, boys became more interesting, and life became busier I lost my desire to lose myself in a good book. Through this recent season of my life I have found good, solid, make you think, reflect on life…

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Think: A little about coincidence. 

I always laugh and take note of how interestingly things are timed out sometimes. You can be walking along through your day and all of a sudden have a wake up call to something you’ve been needing to learn for that season in your life. What strikes as odd is that it’s not until that moment that you realize that you’ve had about four other things happen that week that were teaching you the exact same lesson. The part that…

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