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2016: Balance

Hi! I’m Ivy. I have a heart for empowering women with broken spirits, broken hearts and broken relationships. I love getting to know people deeply and building relationships of depth and honesty. Including with myself.  I am fully embracing and loving the journey of life with all its many seasons. Are you feeling a little too old?  A little too young?  A little too fat? A little too skinny? A little too ugly? Maybe a little too pretty? Too smart, too…

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2016: Wholehearted

Hey beautiful human! I’m Zoey! I’m a fresh young lady who hails from the Twin Cities area of Minnesota, but can usually be found jumping into cars or planes, saying yes to new possibilities! I have a history in dance and music, but lately, my days tend to revolve around living in an optimistic rawness & capturing it through my cameras. Yes, people pay me to take photos, but even when I’m off the job, I’m endlessly inspired to capture…

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2016: Awe

Hi, I’m Stephanie Joy, but the Tribe calls me SJ, I have been known to have my head in the clouds- but not because it is full of air, no, I am overflowing with dreams. I am a writer, a painter and an activist. I am wildly passionate about chasing the glory of every moment. I desire authentic relationships and promise to champion the very thing that makes your heart beat. I am a proud West Palm Beach, Florida local and…

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2016: My Very Best

Hi, I’m Jocelyn. In 2011 I found myself in a painful divorce that ultimately led me to realizing my passion and purpose in life, but not before a lot of hard work and searching. My book is a sincere and honest story of how I lost myself in someone else’s world only to find myself again through an inward journey. Writing a book has led me to places within my inner interior I never thought existed. My hope is that…

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2016: Simplify

Hi, I’m Olivia Lover of pizza, dogs and hot baths,  currently residing in St Louis, MO. I am a student, a literature lover, an art enthusiast and a minimalist at heart. I’m at my happiest when it’s raining and there is, of course, a cool breeze blowing through my window. Tobacco candles have a special place in my heart and I’m a huge supporter of “going out for coffee” (or tea, if that’s your thing). I aspire to be present…

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