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Style: Full Spring Capsule Spread

Many of you have been following me on my Capsule Wardrobe journey, and have been long awaiting the Spring Capsule spread. I am pleased to say that this is what has been in my closet this spring! If you’re wondering what in the world a Capsule Wardrobe is, then you can check it out here. In short, I have chosen to minimize the stress and self consciousness that comes with the hoarding in the closet. My semi minimal 40 piece…

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Minimize: Leaving Only the Joy

About a month ago I started reading the book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo as a conscious choice to start making the venture into minimizing. (Reading about minimizing sounded much easier than actually minimizing, so I thought I’d start there… you can’t blame me, right?) It was a book I’d come across on multiple different blogs and pages, and had heard nothing but amazing reviews. And all for very good reason. Marie’s approach to tidying left…

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Minimize: Considering Minimalism

  I have been reading and seeing so much about minimalism lately. It has been completely capturing my attention and is something that for whatever reason, I am seeing myself drawn to. These guys especially. Over the last year, with everything I’ve been learning and growing in, I suppose I’m beginning to recognize what things are truly important to me. My freedom. My time. My relationships. And my impact. I guess the question really is how important are all of…

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