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Love Myself Series: Write a Personal Mission Statement

This month is the month of love. And while others are dedicating their topics to date night and pink polish, we at Be My Intention are focusing on falling in love with ourselves. If you want to check out the more from this series hop on over to this page. 10 Steps to Falling in Love with Myself: Step One- Write a Personal Mission Statement. When a company is being built there are a lot of things to be considered.…

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10 Steps to Falling in Love with Myself- A Series

This month everyone is talking about love. They are sharing date nights, and cute Valentine’s crafts, and at home spa pedi ideas. And while I’d love an at home spa pedi like nobody’s business, I think I wanna take things a bit deeper- which we should all expect by now, right? Two years ago my life was in an entirely different place than it is now. I was in a relationship at that time. My every thought was about him.…

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Impact: A Real Family’s Story

As a 26 year old, I am in the perfect position in life to be surrounded by friends who are having bridal shower after bridal shower followed by baby shower after baby shower. It seems as if the amount of friends who have gotten married in the last few years has jumped 500% from the years prior and even more-so in friends who are having beautiful babies. I see all of these gorgeous families growing and being built around me…

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