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Love Myself Series: How I Learned the Truth About Myself

In the midst of this month of love we have been looking over the 10 Steps that led me to begin falling in love with myself. That deep down, in my bones, you’re really awesome kind of love. I recommend you start from the beginning by heading here. There are things we think about ourselves. And then there are things we KNOW about ourselves. Throughout our lives we are continually influenced by the people around us. Our families, our teachers,…

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2016: Authentic

Hello friends, I’m Shannon. I was born and raised in a military family, so from day one I got to travel…a ton! I have loved traveling ever since and find myself getting restless after a few years of being in the same place. The lifestyle of moving all the time enforced the importance of family early on, and is a value I still hold close. In 2012, I lost my younger brother in a tragic accident that left me heart-broken…

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2016: Balance

Hi! I’m Ivy. I have a heart for empowering women with broken spirits, broken hearts and broken relationships. I love getting to know people deeply and building relationships of depth and honesty. Including with myself.  I am fully embracing and loving the journey of life with all its many seasons. Are you feeling a little too old?  A little too young?  A little too fat? A little too skinny? A little too ugly? Maybe a little too pretty? Too smart, too…

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2016: My Very Best

Hi, I’m Jocelyn. In 2011 I found myself in a painful divorce that ultimately led me to realizing my passion and purpose in life, but not before a lot of hard work and searching. My book is a sincere and honest story of how I lost myself in someone else’s world only to find myself again through an inward journey. Writing a book has led me to places within my inner interior I never thought existed. My hope is that…

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2016: Simplify

Hi, I’m Olivia Lover of pizza, dogs and hot baths,  currently residing in St Louis, MO. I am a student, a literature lover, an art enthusiast and a minimalist at heart. I’m at my happiest when it’s raining and there is, of course, a cool breeze blowing through my window. Tobacco candles have a special place in my heart and I’m a huge supporter of “going out for coffee” (or tea, if that’s your thing). I aspire to be present…

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