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2016: Awe

Hi, I’m Stephanie Joy, but the Tribe calls me SJ, I have been known to have my head in the clouds- but not because it is full of air, no, I am overflowing with dreams. I am a writer, a painter and an activist. I am wildly passionate about chasing the glory of every moment. I desire authentic relationships and promise to champion the very thing that makes your heart beat. I am a proud West Palm Beach, Florida local and…

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5 Books That Have Changed My Life

It wasn’t until about a year and a half ago that I fell in love with reading again. When I was a kid I was the reading queen. It was absolutely one of my favorite things to do. Then, as school became harder, boys became more interesting, and life became busier I lost my desire to lose myself in a good book. Through this recent season of my life I have found good, solid, make you think, reflect on life…

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Challenge: Daily Goals

At the beginning of the year I bought this most beautiful calendar in the entire world from Rifle Paper Co. (which has some stunning artwork.. if you have yet to check them out, I promise you want to do so now.) I had originally bought it to start planning out scheduled posts and themes for the month on the blog and things of the sort. Then, I know its silly, but I felt like it was too pretty to write…

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