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Impact: Gramr Gratitude Co.

A phenomenon has been sweeping the nation… and it’s really quite the lovely phenomenon. Something that our world has been needing more of for a very long time. A phenomenon of gratitude. Of giving thanks. Of saying a special I love you. And doing it in a written form. A form that will last more than just the click of a mouse. What a beautiful thing to be trending. Gratitude. And I haven’t seen anyone do it better than Gramr…

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Impact: It’s the season of Giving. So let’s Give Gifts that Give Back.

Every year around the holiday season we are confronted with an issue that constantly comes up. The consumerism in all of us starts to stir and we are nearly forced to feel the pressure to spend more and give more than maybe we are comfortable with. We feel the need to compete with others to be the best gift giver. Or to buy gifts for people that maybe we wouldn’t normally be driven to purchase for. We are pressured into…

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