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The Heart of it All: Creating Community

   PHOTOS BY ADELAINE BRISON I was spending some time with a few lifelong friends yesterday discussing plans for our futures, and the adventures we are preparing ourselves for. The excitement was ranging from new babies on their way to girls’ trips and work goals. Then the topic of my blog came up and I was asked to explain it.  I began to stumble. For those of you who are bloggers you may understand the trouble of trying to wrap…

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Style: Mindful Shopping

My capsule is feeling awesome right now. I have shed the dark dreary weight of the winter and taken on a nice crisp feeling for spring, and everyday it feels more and more me. This look, especially. There’s comfort in the jeans and flats, and I am always needing a little extra warmth. But there’s a little sass and femininity in the sheer back and pink points in the shoes. The other thing I love about my capsule: I am…

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