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7 Reasons I’m Disconnecting for 7 Days

Okay here goes…. Dear friends, I have a confession to make. I have a really bad addiction. It’s one that is always on my mind. I can’t function properly without it. I get cravings when I’m not using it, and I seriously don’t know how to get myself to walk away. A few weeks ago I realized (as if it was some big secret before?) that I am majorly addicted to my phone. You know the feeling, right? You leave…

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Welcome home.

Wow. It feels surreal to be writing right now. I missed you guys. These past few months have proven to be trying and surprisingly adventurous. After plenty of soul seeking, and website building I have come to a place where I am so very happy to send bemyintention back into the big wide world of web and start diving back into your life. I had started bemyintention with one purpose: to hold myself accountable and to challenge you, the readers,…

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Think: Search for Purpose

When a company is being built there are a lot of things to be considered. Who your market is going to be, where you want to specialize, how you earn a profit, as well as what your main purpose or goal is. A purpose, or mission statement is a crucial part to a business’s vision. It defines who they are and where they’re going. It gives them a sense of why they do what they do. The ability to look…

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I think life, for most, is a constant battle to find balance. We aim to balance the things we love to do, relationships, necessary activities, personal well-being, satisfying the needs of those around us, and our means to make a living. Often times, our necessary activities, means to make a living and satisfying others needs tend to get in the way of us doing the things we love, or finding time for our own personal well-being. We let our hobbies…

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