2016: Awe

Hi, I’m Stephanie Joy, but the Tribe calls me SJ,

I have been known to have my head in the clouds- but not because it is full of air, no, I am overflowing with dreams. I am a writer, a painter and an activist. I am wildly passionate about chasing the glory of every moment. I desire authentic relationships and promise to champion the very thing that makes your heart beat. I am a proud West Palm Beach, Florida local and love to drink up our colorful culture. You will find me laughing knee-to-knee with my Tribe and taking rad pics of our lattes. I believe in celebrating over competing.

Five months into 2015, I grabbed my sister and jumped on a sunrise flight to the West Coast.  Newly single and unemployed, I chose to wake up and run after an overflowing life. Sleep was no longer an option and daydreams will never cross over to reality if you don’t force yourself into consciousness.

It was terrifying.  A 3000 mile trip fueled by desperation, which by the way is just as honorable as any other motivation if it jolts you back to life, I emptied my savings account and rushed to the dreamiest spots on the California coast.  Surrounded by people who knew me well, I allowed myself to rediscover the gold inside of me.  I realized something in that span of six weeks- life is difficult and complicated.  It hurts, it strains, and it doesn’t fall perfectly into place but where does my sense of “choice” fit in? 

Don’t I have a say in whether or not my life is filled with magic?  Yes, I do.

2015 can be summed up simply by the word “choice.”  I can choose joy and choose a brilliant, over-flowing life.

So what about now?  My 2015 was really defined by that trip.  My experiences and dreams catapulted from that space.  I have built a Tribe of incredible people and have jumped headfirst into my core passions.  I have learned to serve the ones I love and have devoted my life to full moments.  It was wild… but I don’t want to ride on the coattails of last year’s vision- what will this year be defined by?

So, in 2016, I choose to “awe” easily.AWE

I choose to run wildly after the awe-inspiring moments around me.  I will listen well and pay attention to my Tribe.  I will ask about passions and watch eyes light up, as their words can’t possibly keep up with their heartbeat.  I will be blown away by raw beauty, and just sit outside more.  I will pay attention to the personalities of my family and find joy in each individual.  I will throw all insecurities aside and welcome eye-corner wrinkles if it means that I laughed more.  I will “awe” easily.

I believe that this choice will be my most powerful choice yet- and I believe it will ripple through the next 52 weeks.  I giggle as I write this and wish that I could sit across from you, holding my latte with both hands, as you tell me about the things that make you awe-struck.

In awe,


This month you will see the stories of women all over the country who are taking a stand for their lives. They will share with you their intention for the year, and how powerful it can be to be conscious in your life.

But, we want to hear your stories as well. If you have chosen to choose your life this year and would like to share your intentions, please share it in the comments below, or email Kylie at bemyintention@gmail.com.
Here’s to a New Year full of great big changes!


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    January 19, 2016 at 2:11 pm

    Beautiful post, much needed inspiration! Love your choice of word for the year, hope your 2016 is filled with all sorts of excitement and adventure!
    xx, Kusum | http://www.sveeteskapes.com

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