Challenge: Daily Goals

At the beginning of the year I bought this most beautiful calendar in the entire world from Rifle Paper Co. (which has some stunning artwork.. if you have yet to check them out, I promise you want to do so now.)

I had originally bought it to start planning out scheduled posts and themes for the month on the blog and things of the sort. Then, I know its silly, but I felt like it was too pretty to write on. I didn’t feel like anything I had to say was worthy of gracing this calendar with its presence. I told you it was silly.

It wasn’t until about three weeks ago that I finally started using it.

I recently finished reading the book The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy, which is all about setting goals and being the tortoise instead of the hare to get where you want to go in life (or avoid going where you don’t want to be.) Goal setting accomplishing has always been a really hard thing for me, because not only do I tend to procrastinate, but I also give up pretty easily.

More often than not I’ll set a huge goal for myself, strive to do it EVERY day, and when I skip one day I feel like a failure, so I give up on my whole goal. All because of one missed day. Sound familiar? In The Compound Effect, Darren talks about setting little, but consistent and regular goals. That way you’re always working towards something teeny. This made so much more sense to me than trying to change my whole life in one day, and is really the way I tend to live my life anyway.

I sat down and did some extensive dreaming. This is something I like to do often, but don’t typically do a very good job about figuring out the little goals that have to go in between now and the far off future. After dreaming up my biggest dreams in every area of my life (relationships, family, finances, business/blog, and lifestyle) I worked out the things that I would need to tackle in between to get me there.

So my mornings are looking a little different these days. Each day I wake up and do my meditation. Then I wash my face and head straight to my desk. I review my top three five year goals, top three one year, quarterly, monthly, and then even weekly goals, rereading them every single morning to keep them fresh and driving. Based on what each of these goals are I then plan out the three most important things for me to do today. If nothing else gets accomplished, these are the things I must do in order to eventually get myself to where I want to be. Working towards small goals that lead to a bigger picture, and breaking those big goals into increments makes them feel so much more attainable .

Have I accomplished every single goal everyday? No. But do I beat myself up about it and feel like a failure? Not at all. Because tomorrow is a new day. And tomorrow I’m going to wake up and set my goals for that day. And it’s okay if it’s the same goal I had yesterday. Because at the end of it all I’m accomplishing at least one or two more things than I would have pre daily goal setting.

So my calendar is finally getting some use. Its holding a whole lot of ambitions for me. And I really like that that’s what it’s getting used for.

Has anyone else tried a goal planning method like this? I would love to hear what works for you in the comments. It’s not always easy to tackle the world.

With Love.

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