Style: Making an Outfit Out of Accessories


It’s been awhile since Shannon’s Capsule Wardrobe has been featured here, so lets catch up. A few month’s ago I was able to spend some amazing time with my friend Shannon helping her build a practical mom on the go wardrobe. She was looking for a new sense of her style that would allow for confidence and ease while working as a stay at home mom. If you’re just tuning in then check out the beginning of our journey {here.}

When Shannon and I were shopping we happened to come across this stunningly gorgeous blanket scarf from Bohme. She and I both fell in love immediately and were easily convinced that this was going to be a staple in her wardrobe. The best part? It’s an accessory! Not only did it not add into her Capsule count, but it is multifunctional outside of the wardrobe. It could be used as a blanket, or even home decor in the future. (I’m imagining picnics.)

Who knew this girl would get to a place of comfort in her wardrobe that she would be able to create an entire outfit out of mostly accessory pieces?








This hat, blanket scarf, and leggings combination is exactly what spring is asking for this season.

What are some of your favorite ways to spice up outfits with accessories?

With Love.

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