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5edit_12How has everyone’s week been? I feel like I haven’t posted in quite some time (even though that’s not really the case.) But I guess this last week was kind of a long one for me. I won’t be getting into all of the personal details, but here’s a short, relate-able version: Over the last year I have been actively working on bettering myself. Confronting some fears and failures, and becoming aware of who I really am and how that stands up next to who I really want to be. I’ve made some major changes to my life, as well as the way I handle things. I’ve gained a little more love and respect for myself and have been practicing living my life as if that’s true. Well, this week all of that was challenged. I was forced to take everything I’ve learned about myself and really put it into practice… and I didn’t do as well as I maybe would have hoped.

The good news is I learned what I still need to work on. And was certainly challenged to love and respect myself even when I’ve let myself down a little. It can be really easy to let hard things break you down and all we can do is step back and accept that each one is a growing experience.

Shannon and her husband are two people that I look up to a lot when it comes to this.

I saw them go through months and months of trial after trial just a few years ago, and continue to be amazed in how well they were handling it. Amongst those trials came a beautiful story of how they ended up with their amazing little mister, Lincoln.

After struggling to conceive, Shannon and Tyler took the route of trying out fertility treatments, natural treatments, and a whole lot of prayer. After all of the research, conversations with doctors and friends, and more vitamins than she could manage to take, they learned that all they really wanted, and the most important thing was just to be able to raise a child of their own.

Adoption became the best option for them. They looked into the route of working through agencies, and talked amongst friends who had done the same. It became pretty clear that they knew this was what they wanted to do, but needed the perfect plan to fall into place in order to do so.

There were some hopeful situations in the beginning that ended up leading to heartbreak for Shannon and Tyler, but they continued keeping their heads up. I’d never seen a couple so passionate, patient, and forgiving all at the same time while going through such an emotionally draining situation. Failed attempt after failed attempt, they had begun to wonder whether this would be an option or not.

A few months later I received a phone call from my very best friend. She started sharing the story with me of a young girl who was pregnant and considering finding a family for her new baby. She shared her fears for the baby going into foster care and expressed her consideration of adopting him, just to know that he would be in a good, loving home. I immediately shared Shannon and Tyler’s story with her, and within days they were on their way out to meet the pregnant mama.

Lincoln was adopted just a few months later and has been getting totally loved on and spoiled like crazy ever since.

The shirt you see Shannon wearing is a simple reminder of everything she’s been through, but of how good God’s promises are, and how no matter how bad your situation may seem, it may turn out to be the best thing that ever happened to you.

This one wasn’t pictured in her capsule breakdown, because it was actually a gift I gave her after we finished. Finding something that spoke to her heart, but incorporated well into her capsule was an important mission for me, and one that Sevenly made very easy for me to accomplish. The purchase of her tee not only continually reminds Shannon of the blessings she’s seen, but helped to support orphans around the world. Check out Sevenly to find an organization that you would love to support, and never forget all the good that can come from the hard things in life. Her story continually encourages me in that.

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“You will face your greatest opposition when you are closest to your biggest miracle.”
Shannon L. Alder

With Love.

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