Style: The time Shannon showed off her style.

I have been really enjoying sharing Shannon’s new Capsule Wardrobe with you. The feedback we’ve been receiving, as well as the anticipation for more, and enjoyment of the process has been really fun to experience with you. For you who are just joining us check out the beginning of my journey with Shannon {here.}

Now for some mid week motivation for the moms stuck in a fashion rut. Introducing one of my favorite looks from this gorgeous girl (and one of her faves too!)

5edit 5edit_1 5edit_3 5edit_6I love how much she’s radiating in this look. There is a sense of joy, comfort, and confidence that has completely taken over her, and for good reason. Not only is she extremely well put together, but she is comfortable. The perfect outfit for a day bringing the little one to hang out at Shannon’s girl time coffee dates, going to kid’s birthday parties, and to easily switch into a date night.

Doesn’t she look awesome? And with ease.

Next week I can’t wait to show you one of her more casual looks that has a beautiful story behind it.

What have you been loving about seeing Shannon’s process? I’d love to hear about it in the comments.

With Love.

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