Style: Shannon’s Capsule Reveal

As things are starting to warm up, the idea of a winter capsule is sounding a little fleeting, but with Shannon’s wardrobe we worked to be super transitional into the spring. She’s been gliding perfectly from one wardrobe to the next simply by carrying over a few things from each and letting the weather decide what needs to be worn. She has enough lightness from her winter wardrobe for the warm days but enough cozy things to snuggle up when there’s still a chill.

I have personally been loving seeing how well she has been transitioning these two!

So, I know you’ve been begging to finally see the big reveal of her closet.. so let’s do this thing!


What do you think of the big reveal?

Shannon feels that it captures everything she had been wanting PERFECTLY! She loves her earthy rich tones, the warmth that she can have and not worry about freezing her toosh off, and most importantly she has found a way to get dressed in ten minutes or less, be comfortable, but feel great. Can you ask for much more than that?

So lets break this down a bit.

We ended up with 30 items in her wardrobe and only had to purchase 9 of them… and she still ended with a wardrobe she loves!

She had most of her basics already so all we had to do was add a few statement/ warm pieces that would tie everything else together. So we opted for the grey joggers for an added bit of comfort and diversity outside of jeans, two long sleeve tees that added color as well as warmth with any outfit, a bold statement dress that allowed her to dress up while staying cozy and warm, and a big delightful drapey cardigan that could be thrown over anything for extra warmth. We grabbed a bold floral tee for a pop of color. The hooded vest was something different and out of her comfort zone, while a grey cardigan replaced an old one she loved. And of course light acid wash skinnies because we all need them.

These few items wrapped up her capsule nicely, and were all items that transitioned well into spring!

So what do you think? I can’t wait til next week to show you some of the outfits Shannon has put together! I’ve been in love with the diversity she’s had!

With Love.

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