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Last week I introduced you to my beautiful friend Shannon. After a year and a half of struggling to find comfort in her wardrobe as a new stay at home mom, Shannon reached out to me to help her build a Capsule Wardrobe that reflected her personal style but matched her lifestyle of on the go comfortability.

Wanna know how we went about building her wardrobe? Well it was pretty similar to the way I did mine! We started with what I like to call “The Great Purge” (said in some spooky post-apocalyptic narrator voice.)


We removed everything from Shannon’s closet and one by one found out what she loved and hated, and why. Taking notes along the way I was able to capture a pretty good visual of what some of her favorite shapes and styles were, as well as some of the things that left her feeling insecure and defeated… which truly is the curse of a closet full of things we don’t love. Anything that didn’t instantly boost her up was sent to the curb. 6 trashbags later she was left with 21 items that she really truly loved.

We spent the next few weeks pinning things back and forth ( You can check out Shannon’s Style Board here) to really capture a good concept of colors and styles for her winter wardrobe.

After working through The Purge and way over analyzing her style board  we took a look at what Shannon had and compared it to what she was actually wanting.

What was her wardrobe style?  Structured, Sophisticated, Trendy, Conservative

Shannon’s Style Goal:  Trendy, Effortless, Comfortable, Down to Earth

We knew we were going to have to make a lot of changes to her wardrobe, but luckily we had a pretty good batch to start with. After purging her closet, we were left with 21 items that matched her new style perfectly, left her feeling confident and comfortable, and had a gorgeous color palette!

What color scheme was she going for? Earthy: navy, goldenrod, red, muted purple. A little something like this: (and who wouldn’t want to be as adorable as these two?)

Adore these warm colors!!! Fall or winter wardrobe.

Found on

We couldn’t stop being giddy over our hunt for her new look! It felt like we were obsessing over sending each other pictures and ideas, so when the time came to shop, we seriously couldn’t have been more excited! And I’m even more excited to start sharing some of the things we found!

Next week I’ll give you a little peek into what Shannon ended up with in her closet!

Have you started a Capsule Wardrobe?What kind of style and color palette did you use through the winter, and how will that transition into spring for you?? I’d love to hear about it in the comments below!

With Love.

Let me know if you’re interested in a Personal Wardrobe Styling Session! Comment below or send me an email to!


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