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Around January my dear friend Shannon came to me asking for some help.  She had been reading about my new adventure with a capsule wardrobe and was feeling pretty inspired by it. Loving the idea of a new, minimized, life changing, confidence boosting, comfortable in her own skin type of wardrobe, she started looking into the idea of starting her own.

About a year and a half ago Shannon’s life took a majorly drastic turn around. She went from working in an office environment, straight into a salon environment, and then quickly into Stay At Home Mommyhood. With a closet full of business attire and church clothes, she was feeling like nothing was working anymore. Her wardrobe was to stiff, structured, and impractical to be chasing a baby around the house. After a year of slumming it in workout clothes in order to function at home with a child, Shannon had started noticing the effects of not taking the time and initiative to feel like her true self in her clothes.

Her confidence, body image, and self worth started deteriorating. The fashion sense that she had always felt she knew pretty well was starting to feel like a long lost thing, and the confidence she had was becoming a distant memory. What she started feeling was that she wasn’t good enough. Her body wasn’t what she wanted it to be, her image was lacking, and she was never comfortable. Shannon was having a hard time getting dressed to meet with girlfriends, or go to church, because all she knew was lounging with the kiddo.

All of these insecurities started stemming not because her body had changed, or because her personality had changed. She hadn’t stopped having the same passions as she’d always had and her friend/ family strength base hadn’t changed. The only thing that was lacking was her comfortability in her clothes.

As my confidence and comfort in myself was one of the huge changes that I experienced when I started my capsule, I could relate and understand completely with what Shannon was sharing with me.

Her style and confidence had taken a back seat to all of the other “more important” things that had started happening in her life. So how was she to gain that confidence and love for fashion back, while still keeping her son, at home lifestyle, and budget a top priority?

The answer was simple. Shannon needed a wardrobe that not only worked for her lifestyle and personal style, but one that truly complimented it.

Knowing how beautiful and loving Shannon is inside and out I jumped on the opportunity to make her feel like her appearance matched the person that she truly is. And so began our Capsule Wardrobe Makeover.

When I sought Kylie out I was at the end of my rope during what I like to call my”mom-life” crisis. Yes, that totally exists. I had been in the corporate world for most of my adult life and my closet was jam-packed with adorable, trendy office wear and church clothes. So when our son came, a year and a half ago, and I made the decision to stay home I was lost on the fashion front. Even when I found the time and motivation to put myself together I would find myself super uncomfortable a few hours later. It was just not functional when trying to snuggle my little one to sleep, carry him, or lift him in and out of his car seat. So I did the only thing I knew how…resorted to sweat pants and t-shirts every day. Finally, something functional!

By the one year mark I was starting to feel pretty bad about myself. I looked frumpy, so I felt frumpy. It bugged me that I didn’t look nice for my husband or appear to be trying at all, and it was effecting my confidence. I realized that I really feel the most “me” when I get to express myself through clothing, and liking the way I look is important to me.


After a month of working with her, Shannon and I created her Winter capsule and the start of an easy Spring Capsule transition.

Curious how we went about changing her life and confidence? Stay tuned as I will be featuring a little more about Shannon and her new Capsule Wardrobe over the next couple of weeks! I’ll walk you through every step from her purge to her final Capsule! Can;t wait to start sharing this one with you!

Have you started a Capsule Wardrobe? How has it helped change your confidence? I’d love to hear about it in the comments below!

With Love.

Let me know if you’re interested in a Personal Wardrobe Styling Session! Comment below or send me an email to!


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