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Last time we talked I was in a complete and total wardrobe funk. My winter capsule had reached complete exhaustion, and a spring capsule felt like an impossible feat. But, then…. Spring got here! It has been SOOOOO gorgeous. And my mood has turned completely upside down. Crazy what a little sunshine can do for a girl!

I started pinning EVERYTHING that caught my eye. Anything and everything that was remotely appealing to me. And something amazing happened! When I went back to look at my pins I started noticing teeny tiny consistencies. And once I put all of those consistencies together I was able to identify my style and my color palette for the season! So what are we looking at this spring?

Well something that looks a little I should be laying on this hammock

Hammock at tropical turquoise beach | Constance Moofushi Resort, Maldives via Vacation Idea
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Yeah, you wanna join me now, don’t you? If only I were actually going to be laying on that hammock. Who wants to plan a beach vacay for me?

After lots of research on beaches (meaning I just looked longingly at pretty pictures for about an hour) I realized I wanted this airiness. My wardrobe needed to be the kind that the breeze could flow through, and my skin could breathe. I want to be cool enough that when the sun hits I won’t toast up, but warm enough that when the sun goes down I can cozy up. I needed some light airy colors in my life, and out of the darkness of the winter.

It is time to lighten up my life. This is the year of freedom after all.

Before I started shopping I had to evaluate my flaws from the previous season. And the biggest one was that I quickly got bored. So, I knew some changes needed to happen.

  • I need not limit myself quite as much. The past two seasons I had given myself an exact number of tanks, tees, sweaters, etc. that I was allowed to purchase, and this didnt really work very well for me. I think it limited my freedom on certain things because maybe I would’ve bought a tank I really loved and would’ve worn all the time but instead “needed” one more tee so I bought that instead and rarely touched it. So my rule this season, If you LOVE it, buy it… just keep it under control.
  • Along the same lines, I didn’t have enough pieces. Everyone’s number varies according to what truly works for them. I actually never filled up my wardrobes the last two seasons to reach the number I had given myself, because I was too scared to buy anything incase it wasn’t the perfect item. That fear ended up leaving me frustrated and bored of my capsule. So this season I am just going to shop until I’m done. This might end up being a terrible idea but I have a 40 item max and I may not even reach that. It sounds crazy but I truly think I’ll just know. (Marie Kondo touches on this idea of knowing how minimal is the right amount for you in her INCREDIBLE book The Life Changing Magic Of Tidying Up.)

So, I went shopping. And man, oh man did I go shopping. I am only carrying over 4 pieces from my winter wardrobe, so I have a LOT of making up to do. It was crazy how once I got my vision shopping was much less frustrating than it had been just a week prior. But I still have plenty more to do! Can’t wait to start sharing my new finds with you!

What are you wearing this spring?! Can’t wait to see some new spring fashion. The fashionista in me is goin a little crazy!!

With Love.

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    March 12, 2015 at 11:04 am

    Kylie!!! I am so so so excited to see what you bought!!!! Ack! I decided to push my Spring and Summer shopping back and man has it been hard!! although I apparently have a small (huge) stripe addiction! haha so exciting I think this SS will be the best! 🙂 also that beach? I’m afraid I will have to join you! Why work when you can have white sands and blue oceans!

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