Style: Spring Wardrobe Struggles

I am desperately awaiting springs arrival. This winter has seemed so suffocating to me, like there’s such a stagnant stillness that I can’t really move. Anyone else been feeling this?

I’ve been trying to liven things up by refreshing my home, minimizing a bit, replacing old things that carried bad baggage with them, and lightening up my color pallet. New books have been gracing me with their presence, which has inspired a sense of minimalism and appreciation, as well as some much needed whimsy.

As I’ve been looking towards my Spring Capsule Wardrobe, I have to admit that I’ve been completely and totally frustrated.

I am ecstatic to be switching my wardrobe, because quite frankly I can’t handle wearing my winter wardrobe anymore. It feels stale. And no one feels good in stale. If I have to wear black one more time I might literally cry…. Seriously.

However, as I’ve been doing my research for my spring capsule, something odd has happened. I’m not enjoying it…… GASP! Shopping is one of my favorite pastimes and fashion is a hobby that kind of exhilarates me. But for whatever reason this spring fashion has had me more frustrated and disappointed than anything. I don’t know if it’s just me but it seems that simplicity is key this season, which I don’t necessarily mind but it feels a little mundane. I’m trying to find a balance of a style that is comfortable and simple, but still feels like something a little more than just “ordinary.” And I don’t really know that that exists right now within being stuck in 2013 trends.

Here’s the truth I’m facing with the capsule wardrobe:

When I started my fall capsule it was my first capsule. I had a zillion clothes in my closet and spent a good amount of time sorting through them all to pick out the few things that I knew I was in love with. I ditched the stuff that had been over worn and kinda kept only things that I was really loving wearing. That was a pretty easy transition into winter, considering I really only replaced about 4 items.

But now spring is in my line of sight and I’m struggling to know where to start. I am totally starting from scratch on this one. I want to switch my style up a bit, but without the influence of a constantly growing wardrobe, I’m not even sure what I want to switch to. I typically move from style to style by gradually adding a few pieces that suddenly become my favorite, so I buy more like it. With a capsule I’m looking to buy a full stash of clothes in one fell swoop… how do I know what I’m feelin?

Trivial problems, I know. But seriously.

Here are the things I’m most drawn to this season:

Flowy loose dresses. And hats. hats galore (this is nothing new.) And white has totally caught my attention.

Found on 

Found on

These totally put together t shirt and jeans combos. And the hats they should be wearing.

These super comfy but really awesome boho looks. Oh yeah, and the hats.

I love EVERYTHING about this ensemble.  I had to look twice.  Very cool.

love these shorts

One would think that these combos would be easy enough to create, especially since it’s not too far from my standard go to’s but, alas, here I sit totally unaware of where to start.

Anyone else in a style slump? How do you get out of this rut? I’m gonna need some pointers here.

With Love.

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