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You know when things get really super busy, and then all of a sudden you’re like…. uhhh where am I? Well that’s happened to me lately. Which is why I started my daily Challenge (which has been going really well… I’ve just been TERRIBLE about sharing it here. And for that I do apologize.) 

So I’ve sorta opened up myself to this idea of paying more attention to what I’m doing and being more aware of the moments passing through my life.

Well things had gotten so busy for awhile that my man and I had almost stopped making intentional time for each other. We were still hanging out plenty and still seeing having fun, but our purposeful dates had gone a little to the wayside.

I always hear of married couples, or people with children having weekly or monthly date nights, but I never really hear of dating couples having regularly scheduled date nights. And that’s really quite a shame! why wouldn’t you want to start making a habit of it while you still have the freedom to be able to do that?

So, we started a date night routine. Friday nights get to be our date night, and it’s been awesome. Not only have we been able to really spend good quality time together but we’ve been able to explore the city a little more than we normally would. You all know the routine… You’re sitting on the couch staring at each other asking “What should we do tonight?” You both reply with an “I don’t know” and continue staring at each other. Eventually you decide to go to a restaurant you’ve been to twenty times, followed by a casual outing to a movie, or regular spot, or maybe back to the couch.

Well we’ve found an escape from that. Date night. We have been taking turns planning out a different date each week. It has encouraged us to check out different things going on in town, or to swing by spots that we’ve been saying we want to go for ages, but never remember when we’re put on the spot. 

 This is an ideal date night outfit for me. I get to dress up a little, and wear heels (which NEVER happens during the week…) But I am getting to rock my comfy joggers. Yay capsule wardrobe for forcing me to dress up sweatpants. I absolutely love the diversity in this.

Another perk… throw on a flannel and flats and it’s dressed down in a matter of seconds. 


Day to night as quick as that.


IMG_0134edit  IMG_0142edit IMG_0144edit IMG_0152edit

We’re always looking for new spots in KC to check out. Any suggestions?

What are some of your favorite date night solutions? Do you have something that keeps it spiced up every time you go out or do you tend to stick to a regular routine?

With Love.

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