Style: A Moment of Truth

This weekend was so nice! With the holidays behind us I was able to relax, recoup, and unplug. I was detached from my phone and computer for the majority of the weekend, and let me tell you It. Felt. Good.

I’ve been reading the book Manage Your Day-to-Day: Build your routine, find your focus, and sharpen your creative mind by 99u and actually today just read a little expert about unplugging and giving yourself a personal day of refreshment. The concept is based around the idea that if you turn off all of your electronics for one day a week you are able to truly sit and enjoy the company of yourself and others. You can hear yourself think, distraction free, and enjoy the simplicity of the things that actually physically exist in your everyday world, instead of immersing yourself in a world on a screen.

It is really quite a beautiful concept and something that I hope to adopt a little more into my life. Especially since I was able to experience it a little this weekend. I got a chance to bake and work on some exciting new projects around the house… which I absolutely can’t wait to finish so I can share them with you guys!!

A date night was even on the agenda! Totally cell phone free… which rocked!

While getting ready for my date night I had something interesting happen to me. So, you know how when I did my purge in preparation for my Capsule Wardrobe I took some of my “things I’m not sure about” and stored them in a spare closet in my house? Well…. I have to admit something. I dug into them looking for a fresh outfit.

I was wanting to wear something different and special for date night. I got this sudden and all too familiar wave of emotion that told me I wasn’t going to look pretty enough or special enough for my date night in any of the same ol things I’ve been wearing all winter. So I broke.

Here’s the interesting part: I went through all of my old maybe clothes and didn’t want to wear a single one of them.

I know. It was madness. I couldn’t believe that I had all of these clothes in front of me, but the only things that I remotely wanted to put on my body were already in my capsule! It was such a perfect and gentle reminder of why I started this thing in the first place! It took me straight back to the days of staring into a closet stuffed full of clothes and being overwhelmed and frustrated that I had NOTHING to wear. Had that been me the other day I would’ve tried on thirty different outfits and been feeling like the least cute or put together person on the planet by the time I was done. I remember, all too well, the feeling of defeat and lack of self confidence after rummaging through things only to be determined that it must be a fact: “There’s something wrong with me. If I have all of these clothes and NONE of them look good on me then it must be me that was the issue, not the clothes.” It sounds absurd, but who else has ever felt this way? It takes a serious toll on your self esteem to feel the nothing in the world is going to be flattering on you.

But taking us back to date night… I simply glanced in the spare closet, peeked through a few things, and shut the door. I no longer needed to be accepted by that wardrobe, because I knew they were too cliquey and mean anyway. So, I walked right back to my trusty ol Capsule that always treats me right and put on an outfit that felt totally 100% perfect for me and my date night 🙂

What is a capsule wardrobe? Read about it {here}

Have you guys been struggling at all with getting bored with your capsule? How have you handled it? I’d love to hear about it in the comments below!!

With Love.






Photos c/o JSharky Design

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    January 17, 2015 at 10:00 pm

    I think my biggest issue with my capsule wardrobe right now is that I got a little too happy about the sweets of the holiday season. So, the majority of my clothes just don’t fit properly at the moment. But, alas, I’m getting back into my gym routine/eating better. (Dropped about 3lbs this week just from working out on my breaks at work!) So, I think that problem will soon rectify itself! As for turning off the screens, I used to do that all the time when I lived in my duplex. I would just turn off my phone all weekend. Crank the stereo up and tinker around my duplex. That was also when I was living next door to my parents and down the street from Julie. So, I spent a lot of time running back and forth between houses. I think that’s one of the easiest ways to disengage from technology to an extent. Spending time with my parents and Julie every Sunday is really great for me. It gets me out of my apartment and out interacting with people. It’s a great way for us to all just hang out and talk. Sometimes, we spend all day doing nothing but watching Frozen. (Eli’s favorite.) Other times, we spend all day out in the sewing shed. And, yes, we check out phones on occasion. But mostly, we just hang out and eat great food and laugh, so I think it evens out.

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    January 14, 2015 at 10:22 am

    I seriously love this post! Firstly taking a day off from electronics is so needed! I have started trying to make mine and my partners weekends more like this. Where we can just switch off and really enjoy our time and it has been the best! So much so that we have even had nights off of TV/Ipads/phones – really mental! so I love this and then capsule wise on my first go round oh yes! I was barely a month in and I was over it. At times I regretted it but the problem was for me that back then my wardrobe wasn’t right still? So far this time its been fine I still have my favourites but I don’t feel half as bored with it!

    Try putting something really unexpected together! For me it was mixing navy, purple and red – now if that’s not a colour combo to shift you I don’t know what is!


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      January 14, 2015 at 11:02 am

      Thanks Jess!! I have been LOVING your color palette lately… It’s making me feel like I need to add more into my wardrobe but I’m just a neutral girl at heart, especially in the winter. I think the thing that’s been the biggest issue for me is that I’m just so dang cold in the winter. I don’t even want to where anything in my capsule because the only thing I want to put on are big bulky comfy sweatshirts and hoodies… And frankly I don’t have much of that in my capsule. I thought just dragging my fall capsule into my winter but adding a few heavier sweaters would do the trick but now that I’m an ice cube I’m thinkin it’s time to actually do a big switch in some of my pieces.
      Sounds like that should be an upcoming post… Hmmmm 🙂

      Love your input always!

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        January 21, 2015 at 4:38 am

        So firstly I am so sorry that I haven’t replied quicker I don’t know where my heads been! i love my colour palette too! However i am beginning to feel the itch for a whole new one come spring/summer! I completely understand the wanting to only wear the same pieces over and over! for me its my black dress (leggings – always) and my new jeans!
        Jess x

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