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Moorea Seal is a totally Seattle, Seattle based company. It has all the entities of being a Pacific Northwestern Company that are hard to find here in the Midwest: the adorable factor, rustic handcrafted goods, and a heart to make a difference. They have a love and passion for beautiful handcrafted goods, but are equally as passionate about using their store front as a place to give to a few great causes.

Who is Moorea Seal? explains it like this:

“The Meaning Behind
Here at Moorea Seal, we believe that with the more that one may gain, the more a person is responsible for doing something good for the world with what they have. This motivation to not only do great as a store but to do good for others at the same time is the essential factor to our business.  Something really special about our site is that not only is it full of gorgeous products but there is meaning behind what we do, beyond the beauty and practical needs of the store itself.  We care about bringing good into the world and my closer communities.  We care about working hard, taking the hardships of life and using them as motivation to do better and be better, to do great things.  Our staff and site motto is “DO GOOD, DO GREAT.”  We want to be successful as a business, of course, but beyond that, we want to do something really good with our work.  Our efforts can only go so far if we are just working for the goals of our singular selves.  It’s so much easier to burn out when all that drives you is what is within yourself.  As an important part of our business, we have decided to turn our eyes and drive outward to find true motivation in all our efforts which is why giving back to social causes is an essential part of the site!

With every purchase that is made, 7% of all proceeds are donated to various worthy Non Profits.  We have chosen 5 different categories of Social Causes, within which, various Non Profits are featured on a rotating basis.  You can shop by product type, by designer, and by social cause!

Our 5 Non-Profit Categories
Caring for Animals
Health + Wellness
Children’s Needs
Women’s Causes
Protecting Our Planet

Each of our designers has chosen to partner with a non-profit category that is close to their heart.  And with every sale of their products, 7% of the proceeds go their favorite non-profit category.  Check out the Shop By Cause section in our navigation bar to see which designers are partnered with specific non-profits!  Every few months, we partner with a different organization under each social category to be able to aid a variety of non-profits that fit within our larger categories.

The Causes
To help you discover which cause each of our designers have chosen to give back to through their work, on each designer’s product pages you will find 1-4 icons.  Our American flag icon shows that the product is made in the US.  The handmade icon shows that the product is handmade.  The star icon shows that the product is an exclusive product for the Moorea Seal store.  And whichever non-profit category our designers have chosen, the corresponding icon will also be on their product page!  Check out our current featured non-profits listed below.

Caring For Animals
Homeward Pet Adoption Center is a non-profit, no-kill animal shelter serving the Greater Seattle area.  Their mission is to give homeless animals a second chance through rescue, shelter, and adoption programs. Each year Homeward Pet helps over 1,400 cats and dogs find their forever home. Many of the rescued animals who come to Homeward get more love and attention in this shelter than they have ever known!

Children’s Needs
The Flawless Foundation takes a stand for children living with brain-based, behavioral challenges by promoting educated awareness about neurodevelopment, providing evidence-based, holistic treatment programs and by advancing environmental and prevention focused research.  They envision a world where every child living with behavioral challenges feels flawless and is understood and embraced by society.

Protecting Our Planet
Semilla Nueva teaches responsible stewardship of our resources by developing a locally-led farmer education programs to rebuild the soils, improve nutrition, increase income from crops, and improve the food security of Guatemala’s rural poor.  Their vision is developing rural Guatemala, where farmers have harnessed the power of new sustainable agriculture technologies, community organization, and engagement with local government.

Health + Wellness
The OUR HOUSE Grief Support Center’s mission is to provide our communities with grief support services, education, resources, and hope. For twenty years, OUR HOUSE has helped thousands of grieving children, teens, and adults as they embark upon their journeys to hope and healing.

Women’s Causes
The Athena Network‘s mission is to advance the recognition, protection, and fulfillment of women’s and girls’ human rights, comprehensively and inclusively, as a fundamental component of the response to HIV and AIDS.” allows you the opportunity to shop either by product or by cause. I love that you know exactly where your money is going! Not only are you able to support an incredible small business, but also the cause of your choice… Perfect 🙂

These are a few of my favorite things:

Antique ScissorsHarlan Zip Top BackpackMoon Phases CalendarMorley HatTeakwood & Tobacco CandleFriedlander Stone Pendant

So what do you think? I’m thinking that this has quickly become one of my favorite online places to shop.

With Love.

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