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I got to open a few last min Christmas gifts the other day and oh. my. goodness. I got a record player! And it’s adorable. Like, the cutest thing ever! And I just want to hug it. And snuggle with it. And let it play beautiful music in my ears until I fall asleep. I know you wanna see it….


It’s perfect: I know 🙂 So, if anyone has some random vinyls they wanna send my way, let me know! I have Elton and Of Monsters and Men to tie me over for awhile, but I’ll need to be stocking up soon. So, I also got this adorable little guy, who I am really excited to hang in my living room.


AND I have these to admire for the next week or so!


Although I was feeling far from admirable towards my living room when I realized that the outcome of a belated Christmas/ New Year/ Anniversary celebration would leave my house looking a little something like this:


When I started this blog I promised I was gonna be real. So, enjoy my messy living room. Real life stuff right there.

Enough with my blabbing, and onto the good stuff… I know the real reason you opened this post was to see some fashion, so here ya go!

Let me set the stage. It’s January. It’s 17 degrees outside. You’ve been bundled for two months. You just got a new record player and feel like ballroom dancing in your disaster of a living room, but need a girly dress to do so, because pants just won’t suffice.

Sometimes I look at my day, realize I will barely be outside, and say, “Screw it. I want to wear a skirt and my freezing cold, pasty white legs will just have to suck it up and deal.” Typically I regret this decision almost immediately after walking out the door, but sometimes a girl needs to feel girly.

This look is one of my favorites from my fall capsule and has been carried into my winter. (Some leggings might make it more practical, but the legs just need to breathe.) Layering sweaters is something I hadn’t ever thought to do until more recently. And now I’m loving the look. This 3/4 sleeve cardigan is perfect when I scrunch up the sleeves of my long sweater underneath and keeps my arms from feeling too bulky.

As a hairstylist, flat shoes are quite a necessity and I love the way my Chucks bring this look down to make it a little more playful and fun.

What are some of the winter fashion rules you break? I know I’m not alone in this!


Photo by J.Sharky Designs

And here’s a picture of a cat watching a record spin… just to top of your day 🙂


With Love.

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    January 28, 2015 at 2:57 pm

    Love that outfit and I have the same turquoise record player! It’s just so darling. 🙂

    • Reply
      January 28, 2015 at 5:41 pm

      Ahh I love that you have it too!!! My man did an AMAZING job picking it out 🙂 thanks for your feedback love. This is a fave outfit in my wardrobe!

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