Style: Grunge… In a Grown up way.

How has everyone’s holiday season been treating them? I know I have just been in love with having my house decorated, and watching my cats tear apart my Christmas tree every night. Who else has this problem?! Kids, Babies, cats… they’re most certainly a Christmas Decor’s worst nightmare! But it sure keeps things interesting. I never know what I’m gonna wake up to find on my floor in the morning.

Christmas has felt a lot different this year. I think it’s one of the first years that I’ve really felt like a grown up. At 26 years old I would have hoped that I would’ve felt like an adult prior to this point but the simple truth is, I haven’t, not even when I signed on my house did I feel like an adult! Mind blowing, right? I guess it just seems like no matter how much time passes, or how many more adult activities I am involved it, I still have my same youthful heart (and I certainly hope that never changes.) But this year has definitely felt more adult. I don’t know why except that maybe it’s one of the first years that I’ve really felt stable enough on my own to be able to do all of the things that my parents used to do. I’ve been able to decorate, host my own little get togethers, and buy gifts for everyone in my family without cringing at the cost. It’s really been pretty amazing! There ARE some perks of getting older!

I’ve been trying to consciously do a little more all encompassing growing up in my life lately. Not just with hosting parties, or working longer hours, but in the way I carry myself too. It’s the little things 🙂

As one of my goals in starting my capsule wardrobe I was hoping to create a more consistently professional look for myself. As a hairstylist I don’t need to fit into the professionalism that corporate America requires, but I was tired of feeling like I looked like a child arriving to work everyday. I may or may not have ACTUALLY looked that way, but it’s certainly how it felt. So, I tried making a conscious decision to dress more “grown up.”

This has been one of my favorite grown up looks that I’ve found. It’s classic, chic, put together, and has a funky little edge to it (thanks to my gray acid wash jeans of course.) But, I think my favorite thing about this look is that I can dress it down really easily by swapping out the shoes for some comfy loafers or canvas flats. Voila!

It has been feeling amazing to look in the mirror and see the woman that I’ve been hoping to become, instead of the same girl I was in high school. Can anyone else say Amen to that?!

What’s your favorite way to style yourself to feel like the best version of you is presented? Tell me about it in the comments! I love hearing about your style!

With Love.



DSC_0017copy  DSC_0013copy

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    January 1, 2015 at 10:17 pm

    Your friend takes amazing photos!

    I think I’ve been able to keep the same couch so long because I NEVER use it. I am normally sitting in my computer chair (which is definitely showing signs of being on it’s way out the door!) or sitting on the floor. There are a few items in my decor that I absolutely love (mostly the art on the walls), but other than that, my furniture and basic decor is all items that I have amassed over the years, but feel no real attachment to. Probably because I got them because I needed them, but didn’t put much thought into them. So, this year, I do want to start to purge the items that have “no soul,” so to speak, and replace them with pieces that I love.

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    December 18, 2014 at 7:13 pm

    Kylie, you’ve always had great style. I love this look! (Quick question, from one blogger to another, what type of camera are you using to take the pictures for your blog? They always come out really beautifully! Do you have someone else take the pictures or do you set up a tripod or something?)
    After I turned 30, I really started to feel the same way. Wanting to still be fashionable and have fun with my wardrobe, but definitely wanting to move away from dressing too “young” for my age. I think the most difficult part for me has been opting for sweaters instead of hoodies. But, I have to admit, I like the way I look a lot more when I throw a cardigan or sweater over my fav jeans and boots than when I throw on a hoodie. I feel more put together.
    I’ve also been considering purchasing some new furniture. The furniture I have now is the furniture I bought/was given for my very first apartment when I was 19! I think I could have people over more often if I had more comfy furniture. (And a couch that could seat more than two people!) That’s one of my goals for the next year. Maybe not a total overhaul, but I’m definitely wanting to upgrade some of the basic pieces and create a more cohesive home instead of a hodge podge of random pieces.

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      December 24, 2014 at 11:59 am

      I actually have a girlfriend who is building her photography business, J.Sharky Designs, so she has actually been doing my photos for me (SO helpful!!) but I’m not sure what kind of camera she uses. I love how they turn out though, looking a little better than if I had someone take them on my iPhone lol.
      I can’t believe you still have all your first furniture!!! That’s impressive! I say that with no judgement but only that I’m a total home decor shopaholic! I can’t seem to keep the same items in my house for more than two years… It’s really a problem I have. Some of my favorite homes tend to be pretty eclectic though. One of my rules in buying new pieces is to usually ask myself if it looks like it has a story, if it doesn’t then it doesn’t get a place in my home. There is something so wonderful about a houseful of items that look like they all have something interesting to say 🙂

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