Style: The Cats Meow

I have been having so much fun dressing with my new capsule wardrobe! Everything seems to work so perfectly together, and I can come up with the utmost epitome of my style EVERY day (which I know is the point, but I still can’t get over the fun of it!!)

One of my favorite looks right now, and one I feel incredibly “me” in is the perfect combo of feminine and masculine styles.

I feel like this look is the exact way to take a classic menswear look and turn it feminine. It kinda reminds me of a female version of a Mad Men business suit: Black pants and white button up, finished with a blazer, white snakeskin boots and a structured hat, all with a girly little flair.

When I found this blazer at Nordstrom Rack I absolutely freaked! Not only is it covered in a stunningly bold cat print, the structured shoulders are the perfect balance to the drapey front. It was a must-have.

Whats your latest menswear inspired outfit?

With Love.






Photos by JSharkyDesign

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