A Capsule Wardrobe Phase 5: The Shopping List

Today it’s time to get started on the fun part! SHOPPINGGGGGGG!!! (The man sitting next to me in Starbucks is definitely judging the huge crazy eyed excitement on my face…. but, hey, this girl loves to shop.)

If you’re just catching up with us, {click here} so I can show you what we’ve been doing this week!

Let’s get started!

I am building an autumn capsule right now. I’ve purged my closet and sorted everything out. My donations have made their way to a bin and everything else has been stored. Anything that I didn’t feel comfortable getting rid of yet or that was for a different season I labeled seasonally and put them away for now. At the beginning of each season I will pull them back out and re-purge as well as switch things out to accommodate the new season’s capsule.

So what I am left with is my 24 items. They are all hanging nice and neat in my closet where I can see shapes, styles, and colors easily. I have already begun taking note of these things.

Find your color palette

Notice what colors you have in your capsule. It’s generally recommended to have three neutrals that you love. What are your neutrals? Mine are most definitely black, grey, and white. Yours might be cream, brown, or navy, or some other combination. Once you have established your neutrals, take note of what accent colors you have. Do they work well together? If not then you may want to think about trading some out. Choose two color families that you would like to use as your accent colors, in order to keep things fluid throughout your capsule. The accent I chose for the season is a wine red. I like the idea of pairing pinks and blues with my wine color, so this is the palette I will be sticking to.

Finding your style

If we are going to be intentional about what’s hanging in our closet, and if we are going to be wearing the same group of clothes for the next three months, then we want to make sure that it will all intermix well together as well as keep us from getting bored. To accomplish this let’s determine the style that you want to be wearing this season. Katberries made this awesome chart that helps give you ideas of some different styles, to help you discover yours. Feel free to make up your own adjectives, as well, if none of these quite fit. I did πŸ™‚

style dichotomy, retro - modern, country - urban, simple, minimal - fancy, boho - preppy

Which words stand out to you? Pick 3 or 4 style adjectives that you feel are what you would like to portray in your style this season, or that just stand out to you. If you need help with this process Pinterest is a great place to go! Make a pinboard and pin things that you absolutely love. Try not to go crazy otherwise you will be back to your old habits. Instead stick to finding 20 – 30 outfits that you wish you could wear right this minute. What do all of these outfits have in common? You can check mine out {here}

My favorite adjectives are vintage, grunge, chic, put together, and effortless.

If you have done your capsule correctly, then you should LOVE every single thing in your closet. If this is the case then you should be able to narrow your style down decently well just by peeking into what items you are in love with. Choose 3 or 4 words to describe the style of your current capsule.

My capsule includes things that are grunge, classic, and romantic.

A perk of the capsule wardrobe is to minimize your spending. So, take what you have and what styles you are attracted to and try to redefine what your style can be this season. How can you use what you have in your closet to create the initial style that you were attracted to?

I decided that my perfect style for this season would be grunge/ classic/ chic!

Personal sidenote: This has been my favorite part of my personal capsule challenge! I have spent years wearing a variety of different styles, but there are always the few things I feel more “me” in than other things. Defining my style and getting rid of everything that doesn’t 100% suit my style has made me feel AMAZING!! I feel so fresh and confident everyday! Being able to step out of the house feeling like my outside is perfectly portraying my inside is the coolest feeling! I know you’ll feel the same once you are able to find confidence in what you’re wearing by being true to who you are πŸ™‚

Lets get to shopping!

After establishing what items are missing in capsule yesterday, and then establishing your style and color palette for the season you should be able to have a pretty good idea of what you need to buy!

If you are a list maker then I recommend deciding on exact purchases you would like to make according to the things we’ve just established. If you are more like me and just enjoy the hunt and seeing what things are out there then make a list of requirements to take shopping with you. Be particular. If you plan on throwing everything into one wash at the end of the week then you will want to establish a “no dry clean only” rule. Write out your color palette as a rule. Do the same with your style. If you are looking for romantic and professional styles then ripped up boyfriend jeans will not fit into your capsule. Write out fabrics you can or can’t buy, as well as what items you are looking for.

I cannot wait to see what everyone ends up with! Tell me what style you decided to go with and lets see pictures of your capsule challenge! How’s your purging going? I wanna see the bagfuls!

Stay posted to check out my autumn capsule soon πŸ™‚ I’ll be leaking previews and am so excited to show you some of the outfits I’ve been coming up with!

With Love.

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