Challenge: Create

A vision isn’t always necessary for me to sit down and paint. Sometimes all I need is to let my hands and my mind loose. Creation, to me, isn’t about creating something beautiful or perfect, it’s just about doing it. Giving my brain a place to escape to. I find the most satisfaction by grabbing anything I can find (canvases, paint, tape, inspiring quotes, magazine clippings) and throwing it all together. I don’t worry so much about how it will look or what the outcome will be, I just allow myself to create. In that eventually comes vision and clarity on a project I really hope to complete. Other times I end up with happy accidents. But regardless, I’ve had the opportunity to make something that didn’t exist before. It’s a moment for me to play God within my little world. Which for me, is what it’s all about: Taking control of my moment.

With Love.




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